Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Technical analysis Silver Wheaton (SLW)

Here is a 1 year chart of Silver Wheaton (SLW) with a closing price of $24.16 on Sept 7st, 2010.           (Click on the chart for a larger view)

I selected this stock as it is one of the major Silver producers in the industry. You can see their production number in the post a few days ago: Silver Producers enter profitable phase.

Here is a 2 month chart of SLW
  • SLW has made higher highs and higher lows since the July 28th low at 17.88. Bullish
  • The price is above the three moving averages of 15, 50 and 100. Bullish
  • The 18 dma crossed over the 50 dma on 8/16/10. (Indicated with a white circle) Bullish
  • The 15 day moving average is above the 50. The 50 day moving average is above the 100. Bullish 
  • The MACD Histogram is above the center line. Bullish
  • Both Stochastics K and D lines are above the 80 level. The K line has breached the 80 level 2 day ago. The 'Beta' on this stock is probably higher than your average 'blue chip' stock and your likely to see this type of movement.  Neutral
A Fibonacci retracement is drawn from the high in June 10 to the low in late Oct 09. This produced the Fibonacci 161.8 level around the $28.15 area. If we continue to see the price of Silver rise, SLW should continue to appreciate and possibly reach the Fibonacci 161.8 level.

Disclaimer: I do not own any shares of Silver Wheaton (SLW). 

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