Radio Shows around the net related to the economy, finance, precious metals and Gold / Silver mining.

Financial Sense Jim Puplava - Economy, financial issues and interviews.
King World News (KWN) - Eric King's economics interviews.
Korelin Economics Report - Economics, interviews with mining CEO's.
Gold Seek Radio - Chris Waltzek
Bob Chapman - Discount Gold and Silver
Jay Taylor - Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Mineweb - Gold / Silver Podcast

Podcasts (iPhone / iPad / iPod)
Hard Assets Investor - Gold/Silver/Miners

Google Finance

Mining Stock research:
Denver Gold Silver conference
The Gold Report
Bullion Bulls

Precious Metals Commentary
JS Mineset - Jim Sinclair

SF Hard Assets
NY Hard Assets
Silver Summit (Cambridge)
Cambridge House Investment Conference
New Orleans Investment Conference
Money Show (Stock Trading)

Ed G Griffin -

Another blog was started in Oct 2011 which specifically focuses on Swing Trading Silver, Precious Metals, ETF's and Mining Companies.
Silver Swing Trader blog