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GSR's picks around the Web/Youtube on a variety of videos related to Gold, Silver, Miners, Financial Markets and Investing.

Stay Long precious metals, James Turk and John Embry discuss how the fundamental reasons for owning PM's are still strong and valid.

David Morgan interview

Here is a video of some nice people from the banking sector and quite a bit of data regarding the price of Silver over the last few years...

Bernanke Parody

S.Carolina bill to use Gold and Silver as 'legal' tender

SGT inteviews Andy Hoffman

Max Kaiser & David Morgan

David Morgan at the CA Investment Conference


Kitco interviews Rodger Weigand at CA Investment Conference

Max Keiser interviews David Morgan

Kitco Interviews Rob McEwen

Returns for Gold / Silver over last 11 years

Jim Rodgers on CNBC

Nov 30th, 2011 Peter Schiff

Long term Silver technical analysis

Silvers Parabolic years

Silver price manipulation debate between GATA's Bill Murphy and CPM Jeffery Christian

Pan Asia Gold Exchange - Interview with James Turk & Ned Naylor-Leyland

September Gold returns over the past 10 years

 James Turk and Eric Sprott

Mike Maloney Gold / Silver movie

James Turk of presentation from Germany

Gold Money Interview - Silver

Mike Maloney on when to sell Gold/Silver

Sept, 2010 CNBC Interview with Rob McEwen
(I missed this one)

Raw Gold shortage in China

Interview with Rob McEwen $2000 Gold to a top of $5000

A video of Mike Maloney in early 2010 talking about PM's and Silver. He states '$100 Silver is a no brainer'

Fiat Cash or Gold?

Silver Shortage Video

Gold to $15000?   Guess anything is possible

 Secrets of Gold from the Travel Channel

Those that are unaware of the value of their Gold are getting ripped off by various Gold buying stores and dealers

Bubbles 101 on CNBC.  Gold is the next bubble?  I personally think it is the worldwide fiat currency. More bailouts for Europe and certain US States will force QE3.

China and India may take most of the physical Gold off of the markets in the next few years. That will increase the price, but will also make it hard to purchase yourself.  Wait for a pull back (if it comes) and load up if your a 'physical only' Gold investor.

Cramer touts Gold.....  20% of your Assets he says...   I would bet that those that are reading this probably have more Gold/Silver as far as a percentage of your portfolio.

 Fake Gold in China / Jay Taylor

Silver coins in high demand 

The Federal Reserve is laundering money

Gold up 514% over the last decade

Marc Fabor on Gold

Jim Rodgers is interviewed and chimes in on Gold and Silver

Mike Maloney looks at the history of Gold and Silver and its relationship to the US Dollar supply and suggests a dramatic price increase going forward.

Peter Schiff on Fox News, talks about the economy and the US Dollar.

You have heard it on the news and maybe even 'Helicopter' Ben Bernanke speak about QE or Quantitative Easing. Here is a good video on the details on QE:

And another:

Jim Rogers Oct. 4: Economy Goes Up Gold Goes Up Economy Goes Down Gold Goes Up.

Al Korlin interviews David Morgan about the physical metals market and the precious metals stocks.

Peter Schift and other chime in about their next 'Gold' pick.

A fox news clip in 2009 regarding the future price of Gold and why it is rising. A prediction of $2000 is mentioned

Bloomberg interviews analysts that suggest that Gold may go to $1500 before the end of this year.


 Explanation of the devaluation of the US Dollar
                         - Gold VS Dollar-The Truth About Money Video

James Turk of Gold Money talks about the current bull market and cycle.

Brett Arends talks to the News Hub about the biggest misconceptions behind the yellow metal.

Rob McEwen on Fox business news on 9/14/10

Technical analysis on Gold and the current trend

04/04/10 Precious Metals manipulation by JP Morgan reported