Hello and welcome to the Gold Silver Review blog.

This site was produced after studying the history of Gold and its association with government spending and fiat currency. I believe that people should educate themselves about fiat currency and why worldwide governments no longer have a gold standard. It is my goal to educate the people that find this site to protect the savings and capital they have by owning precious metals.

I have personally been investing in Silver bullion over the last few years with most of my purchases being the American Silver Eagle. I also invest in and trade Gold and Silver stocks and ETF's.

The blog

I'm writing this blog to focus on the all topics related to Gold, Silver and precious metal stocks. I would like individuals that are new to Gold, Silver and other precious metals to learn as much as possible about the 'real' currency of the world. After learning the fundamentals about Gold and Silver, you may want to invest a certain percentage of your savings into the metals to retain purchasing power due to inflation and preserve your wealth.

Updates bi-weekly (When I have time!) on basic fundamental and technical analysis, but will have no purchase or sell recommendations. (I will inform when I take a trade. You can take paper profits and purchase the physical metal.) The blog will have investment ideas, ETF's, companies and technical trading techniques, but do your own due diligence before investing. I am not a professional analyst, market technician or investment adviser.

This blog will also hold some information / data that I will use for future reference.  Like the return for Gold in 2007 or for the Silver seasonal returns for the month of February...

A Gold Silver Ratio tab has been added in Nov 2011 which will track the ratio ~bi-monthly.

My thoughts on the Gold and Silver market going forward. (2011+)

I personally believe that both Gold and Silver will be appreciating in the coming years due to the worldwide printing of fiat currency and uncertainty with the worldwide financial markets. There are quite a few professional commodities investors that believe that Gold will be going considerably higher within a few years.  Keep your eye on the market and we will find out if they are indeed correct.


At this time, Gold Silver Review and it's publishers receive no compensation for providing the articles, technical analysis and information on this site. The videos, articles and basic analysis actually takes quite a bit of time!  I will be updating this blog as time permits and at a minimum of twice a week.

One way to support this site is to use the Amazon search box on the right side of this page to purchase items. Amazon has low competitive pricing, no tax and has free shipping on many items. GSR will receive a small commission on the sale. Also, if you see a company or service that you may be interested in, go to their website for additional information.

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