Sunday, December 12, 2010

Avino Silver

Avino Silver is company soon to be in production in Durango Mexico that has an interesting history. The Avino mine from 1974 to 2004 produced 16M ounces of Silver, 96k ounces of Gold and 24M ounces of Copper. The mine was shut down in 2004 due to economic conditions.

Avino has since re-acquired the mine and has explored additional regions with drill results as high as 3,623 g/t Silver and 3.84 g/t Gold.  They have an NI 43-101 estimate of 14.7M ounces Silver. The ET Avino vein is estimated at an additional 8.5M ounces, but is not 43-101 complaint. Total estimated Silver ounces - 23.3M. Avino has the capability to expand the mine and explore for additional resources on their property.

Production is scheduled to start in the near future with infrastructure in place and ready with a initial mill capacity of 1250 tpd.

Share Information
Shares Issued: 23,267,227
Options: 1,895,000
Warrants: 2,400,000
Fully Diluted: 27,562,227

 December 10th price: $2.20

For additional information, go to their website for the latest news, financial reports and a video interview of their CEO, David Wolfin with David Morgan.
Avino Silver

Disclaimer: GSR publishers currently own shares of Avino Silver.

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