Monday, April 4, 2011

Silver at 30 year high

Daily chart of the World Silver Index for April 4th, 2011 since November 2010. Silver hit a high today of 38.62. I know that everyone that has been investing in Silver is satisfied with the performance so far this year. Silver is up about ~24.5% since the start of the year, compare that to the Gold return of about ~1%.

Technically, it is in a solid bullish formation with the price over the 15, 50 and 100 day moving averages.
Stochastics have embedded over 80. (Looks like the uptrend may continue)
The RSI is overbought at 89.  Note: The past rally has had portions of the uptrend in the overbought area for over a week span, so it may continue in the overbought area in the coming week.
Upside resistance would be the top of the Bollinger band which is 38.73, another .24 cents.

The Gold Silver ratio is dropping at a fast clip, now at 37.18. Just last August, it was at 68.24.
The RSI is oversold, how long can it run under 30?  (The longer the better for the Silver bulls)

Is this another short squeeze rally? Coupled with strong physical demand by Asian/Chinese buyers?
Are the buyers for Industry locking in their price and accumulating before Silver reaches $40?
Is $1433 an ounce for Gold too much for the small bullion investor and $37 Silver more attractive? (More ounces for the buck)

Maybe it's all of the above...  I'll continue to accumulate on pullbacks and dollar cost average on a monthly basis.

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