Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold stocks rally participation

2 year daily chart of the Amex Gold Bug's Index - HUI shown in the dotted line and Gold in the solid black line.  With the sell off in early May with both Gold and Silver, the miners have also been sold off more than the metal as depicted on the chart.

The HUI has bottomed out in late June and has been on a significant rally which has followed the price action of Gold.  With the S&P volatile, traders seem to be finding value with the miners as their earnings should be very solid compared to the average company within the S&P500.

The HUI may crossover Gold sometime this year and may lead, so the total return for the year may be higher with the miners.  ETF's like the GDX (senior miners) and GDXJ (junior miners) are an easy way to invest in a mutual fund of miners.  Global X also has a exploration ETF named GLDX.

1 year Daily chart of GLD (Gold ETF) vs the GDX (Gold miners ETF).  Gold has outperformed with a return of 31.7% vs GDX of 22%.

Disclosure:  I do not have any investments in the above mentioned ETF's.

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