Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold breaks $1900, miners ready to break out

Daily chart of the Dec Gold futures, $1917.9 was reached at 3pm Pacific Std time....  yeah for all of us longs!  (We'll see what the Comex does in the near future)    Gold has gone up from $1800 to $1900 in 4 DAYS, I think this is a first.

Here is a 2 year daily chart of the HUI, the AMEX Gold BUG's Index:

The high for the HUI over the last 2 years is 609 and it closed today at 605.  If you have solid juniors and mid tier Gold and Silver companies, keep your eye on them as hedge funds and institutions may be buying up shares which should finally drive the price higher.  The shorts will eventually get squeezed and will buy back at a major loss....   High Frequency trading algorithms should also increase the volume with the miners.   Once the HUI breaks 609 and trades above that level for a week or two, the miners should be off to the races.

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