Thursday, January 26, 2012

David Morgan interview at Cambridge House

The Silver Guru, David Morgan gives an interview while at the Cambridge House Investment Conference.

At the end of the interview, David mentions that he is invested in a company that supports mining companies.  I am not a current subscriber to his newsletter so I do not know which company he is talking about. I did talk with a company at the SF Hard Assets Conference last November which was Energold Drilling.  They rent drill rigs to mining companies and from what the spokesperson told me, they were really busy renting and flying in drill rigs around the world.  They trade on the Canadian venture exchange, ticker EGD. For the U.S. it is traded on the Pinksheets market as EGDFF.

Not too shabby, a 28% gain over the past year and a nice move up since the SF Hard Assets Conference in late Nov............   This is not a buy recommendation as I am not a registered investment adviser or CFP.   Disclaimer:  I do not own any shares of Energold Drilling at the time of this writing.

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