Monday, March 5, 2012

White collar criminals at it again

What can be said about the smackdown last Wednesday in the Gold and Silver markets? (Feb 29th)

Here is a link to Ed Steer's Gold and Silver daily blog (Casey Research) which has some detailed information on the transactions from the CME and COT reports.

Guess you really can't be surprised with the sell-off, especially when 'they' crushed it in May 2011, September 2011 and December 2011.  They do it to make $$$ shorting futures, puts on SLV, going long on ZSL.  If you can front run the markets and make money just about anytime you want and get away with it, wouldn't you do it too?  The key is that they know that they are not going to JAIL...   White collar criminals at the CME, LME, CFTC, SEC.  IMO, they are all on the same page and can make a lot of fiat manipulating the markets on the downside.

If many of the sheeple realized what the Central banks around the world are doing, they would put quite a bit of their net worth in the precious metals.  That would pull them out of the stock market, mutual funds, IRA's, 401k's, etc...  It would bring the markets down if enough of the sheeple pulled their money out.

And if the stock market should crash in 2012?  Obama's ratings would head further south and his re-election bid would most likely go down the tubes.  Once people opened their 401k statement and it looks like it did in late 2008, early 2009, they would really think about who they would vote for.  (Obama also has the Oil price to worry about........)

So the bashing in PM's continues.  For those few (sheeple) with their eye on the PM's, the smack down's are violent enough to keep many of the speculators away.  They see that it has gone up for a decade + and it's too late to get in at the 'top'. They got drilled with the dot 'con' market in the late 1990's, their home has declined in value since 2007 and their equity portfolio was cut in half in 2008/2009.  Many people have had enough with investing because many of the sheeple have only lost money.

But 'investing' in PM's is not really investing.  How is that?  Because you are trading one currency for another. Your trading paper fiat for another currency which is considered a hard asset. The hard asset has been used for 5000 years and has never failed like ALL of the fiat currencies that were ever produced.

Silver smackdown on Feb 29th

Gold Smackdown Feb 29th

So what to do?  I'm buying more, continuing to dollar cost average into both physical Silver and select mining shares.  Do not let the paper price affect you, as long as the central banks continue to debase their fiat currencies, the long term outlook for PM's are great.  The criminals smackdowns should be less effective in the coming years as more of the sheeple will wake up, but they are in control in the short to mid term.


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  2. Yeah, I'm always keeping an eye on the PM and stock prices throughout the day while the market is open. It's an addiction...