Monday, March 7, 2011

Quadruple top for Gold

Chart of the World Gold Index over the past 4+ months

A quadruple top just over the $1400 level is seen for Gold since mid November of 2010.  While it is providing a significant resistance level, it is good that Gold has based between 1330 and 1400 for 4 months. This provides a solid base for the next rise in price to the $1500 level and beyond.

Gold is over the short, mid and long term moving averages - Bullish
Gold is trading at the top range of the MACD Histogram - Neutral/Bullish
Stochastics are embedded, both K and D lines over 80 - Bullish

Is a 4th time a charm? Or will Gold head back down to the $1330 level?  

Bullish factors for Gold
Turmoil in the middle east/Egypt/Libia that will not end anytime soon
Continued debasement of the fiat currencies (US Dollar is dropping)
China / India / Central bank / Investor demand

Gold should be able to break through the ~$1430 / 40 resistance level this time around. It's just a matter of time.

With inflation coming on fast, you may want to think about storing food for the long term.  Rice, Pasta, Wheat, etc...  Look on Youtube for 'Food Storage'.   You can purchase 5 gallon buckets and Mylar bags and store food between 10-15 years.  
A 50 pound bag of rice is $35 now.  Next year it could be $45, then $55, $65, $75+.  You can buy it now rather cheap, or wait until next year and the year after when it is much higher due to Oil prices and inflation.

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