Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raw Gold shortage in China?

As far as the markets, we had a volatile one today with a intraday high for Gold at $1449 and a low at $1423.  Silver had a decent range as well with a intraday high at $38.19 and a low at $36.84.  Mostly profit taking and maybe new shorts coming into the market with the new high for Gold and a 31 year high for Silver.  The short will be covering again soon as they know that the bulls and demand will take over.

Many know that China is purchasing both Gold and Silver at a brisk pace, they have high inflation and need to protect the money they have. Here is a short video on the raw Gold shortage in China.


  1. Raising margin requirements won't keep gold and silver down long!

  2. Yes! I agree, they have already increased margin requirements on Silver on the comex. The last time they did so, it did not affect the Silver market at all.