Monday, February 20, 2012

Gold Silver miners lagging, for how long?

Here is a snapshot of the fundamentals for the Van Eck Gold Miners ETF GDX which indicates the historical earnings growth of 33.40%.

Here is a 1 year daily chart of the GDX which has a return of -8.19%

In general, the Gold and Silver miners are undervalued and not recognized as a 'good' investment by Wall Street at this time.  Investments go from undervalued to fair valued to overvalued.  The GDX and the miners in general are undervalued at this time and a rally with the shares may be realized sometime this year.  Trailing price/earnings are 16.85 for the GDX which should continue to drop with solid earnings. 

The million dollar question is when will the shares start a breakout run?  It's anyone's guess... If the analysts on Wall Street believe that Gold is in a bubble, why would they invest in a Gold miner?  Especially if they think it's going to crash?

Gold may need to get back above the $1800 level before interest returns to the mining shares.  I'm looking for a rally some time before May in the shares. We shall see...

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