Friday, February 17, 2012

Year to date returns for bullion and mining indexes

With Gold and Silver selling off in December 2011, the bullion as well as the miners are up so far in 2012. Even with the nice percentage gains since the start of the year, some people may still be holding onto miners with a loss.  Those that purchased any Silver over $35 or Gold over $1750 are in the red...

Year to date percentage gains are as follows:

Gold:   10.11%
Silver:  19.69%
GDX Van Eck Gold miners index:  5.29%
GDXJ Van Eck Junior Gold miners index:  12.71%
SIL  Global X Silver miners index:   14.17%

Silver is leading the way so far in 2012, followed by the Silver miners index.  Then the GDXJ, Gold and bringing up last place is the GDX.  Will this be the year that the mining stocks out perform the bullion?  Will there be more speculators in the junior mining sector?

If you invest in mining stocks, you may want to keep an eye on the market cap that is performing the best.  Juniors?  Mid tier?  Seniors?  Gold?  Silver?  Combination?   How about individual stocks compared to the ETF indexes?  Which one will outperform the index?  (If I had a crystal ball, I wouldn't be writing this and if you had one, you wouldn't be reading this)    =) 

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