Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gold trading range,,,,for ?

As mentioned in previous posts, Gold is in a huge trading range and one that may be around for a little while.

It could be in this pattern for a year and a half based on trading ranges in the past. (As noted in a post a few weeks ago).

Only those that swing trade the ups and downs are making any money in the PM markets.  Most are unable to do this because there are people that actually work for a living and do not sit in front of their computers M-F to monitor and trade the markets.

We just trade one currency for another, one may eventually become close to worthless and the other will not only retain purchasing power, but increase purchasing power. One is in a long term bull market and the other is in a long term bear market.

With today's volatile markets, it's just best to turn off the 'kitco' page and focus on family or your hobby.

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